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My business began in the same way as many other start-ups in the first decade of the new millennium: it was in a garage in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, that the first mash tubs were filled.


Given the numerous obstacles that I faced, the first secret ingredient needed to make a success of it was tenacity. I wish to thank everybody who has helped me: my brewing friend Patrick; the master brewers who gave me precious advice; my family; my friends in Belgium and Argentina; Estelle, the graphic designer; Jean-Paul, the photographer; Pierre Delcoigne, the CEO of the ‘Brasserie des Légendes’, which brews beer for me under contract; and last but not least Christel and my children, who supply me with that magic ingredient known as "love".


Tradition and the rule of the Trappist abbeys require part of all profits to be spent on good causes. Jean Brasse subscribes to this long-standing tradition and, on the principle that "many a mickle makes a muckle", I want to do my bit.


Je vous en brasse

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